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Cabinet sets hierarchy of salaries of top officials

The president will earn 28 thousand hryvnia, prime minister - 20 thousand hryvnia.

Cabinet sets hierarchy of salaries of top officials
Photo: Photo: Max Trebukhov

The Cabinet has set the base salary of the president at 28 thousand hryvnia, an prime minister's at 20 thousand hryvnia as of 1 May, the Minister of Social Policy Andriy Reva told a briefing on 27 July.

A decree amending previous government regulation was adopted at a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

"We have raised basic salaries for all public servants, the salaries of those individuals who are not civil servants have not been revised. We have decreed new salaries for these people. The hierarchy of salaries is clearly spelled from the president down. His salary will be at 28 thousand hryvnia, prime minister's at 20 thousand hryvnia," the minister explained.

The salary of the first deputy prime minister will be at 18 thousand hryvnia, deputy prime minister's at 17 thousand hryvnia. The salary of ministers is set at 16 thousand hryvnia, their first deputies -. 15 thousand hryvnia, and the deputy ministers will earn 14 thousand hryvnia a month.

The Cabinet the previous resolution, that set the salary of the head of state at 140% of the salary of prime minister.

Reva said that the ministerial salaries will not in fact rise: "It's not about a salary increase, we are talking about establishing basic salaries. The payroll fund will remain the same while premiums will be reduced."

The Cabinet decision is in force since 1 May, when a new version of the law "On civil service" took effect.

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