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MP: Clinton's victory to make US security guarantees for Ukraine more realistic

Parliament expects the USA to protect and ensure the restoration of Ukraine's territorial integrity.

MP: Clinton's victory to make US security guarantees for Ukraine more realistic
Hanna Hopko

Hillary Clinton's victory is a preferable option for Ukraine because it would increase the probability of the USA honouring its commitment on ensuring Ukraine's security, the head of the Ukrainian parliamentary committee for foreign affairs, MP Hanna Hopko, has said.

"At the same time, we clearly understand that Hillary Clinton's victory gives Ukrainians a good chance, given her experience as secretary of state and opportunities as the wife of a former US president (the Budapest memorandum giving Ukraine US security guarantees was signed during Bill Clinton's tenure), as life finally gives us this opportunity, to demand that the USA finally honour all its commitments on ensuring the territorial integrity of our state," she said.

She recalled that the Democratic platform has a mention of Ukraine. "But we would like the future president not just to state the fact of the Russian aggression but to protect an ensure the restoration of Ukraine's territorial integrity," the MP said.

She said that unless the White House takes efforts to counteract Russia, "one cannot rule out that sooner or later the USA may face not only a propaganda but hybrid war against itself".

"After all, US success in foreign policy depends in particular on its success in Ukraine: after such a blatant international precedent of violation of international law in the 21st century, the USA can prove that no violation of international law goes unpunished, show its super influence and ability to settle conflicts," she said.

In March 2014, UN Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon said that Russia, the USA and the UK violated its commitments to Ukraine because the USA and the UK did not stop Russia from annexing Crimea.

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