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Ukrainian, Polish presidents try to find common heroes

The presidents decided to shift the focus in the history of the Volyn tragedy.

The presidents of Poland and Ukraine will work out a new angle on the Volyn tragedy and offer to remember those people who "kept humanity in times of tragedy or crime" of the World War II, the Secretary of State Office of the President of Poland Krzysztof Schersky told Radio Poland.

"The presidents of the two countries intend to recall history, the fate of the Polish and Ukrainian peoples, those who have preserved humanity in times of tragedy, at the time of the crimes of the Second World War: the Poles who helped the Ukrainians, and Ukrainians, who helped the Poles," Schersky said.

"It is also worth mentioning the pages of history that can help bringing up and serve an example for generations to come. In the Polish-Ukrainian relations of today, we need such samples, which may contribute to the education of future generations of Poles and Ukrainians," he added.

On 24 August, Duda and Poroshenko agreed to try and coordinate their positions on the Volyn tragedy by December.

On 22 July, the Polish Sejm (lower house of parliament) passed a bill that recognized the Volyn tragedy as genocide committed by Ukrainian nationalists against the Poles.

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