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People's Front disowns MP's amendments emasculating e-declaration

"This is a purely personal opinion of Tetyana Donets. Period."

The parliamentary faction of People's Front have not discussed and will not support the bills of its MP Tatyana Donets that are aimed to significantly soften the norms of the bill On the Prevention of Corruption in the part of the declaration of incomes and assets.

People's Front faction decided at its morning meeting on 8 September that it would not back Donets' amendments.

"We have learned about that bill from the media. This is a purely personal opinion of Tatiana Donets. Period," the party's press office quoted MP Andriy Teteruk, who is the deputy head of the faction.

In her draft bill, Donets has suggested that the data on the assets of a declarant, his or her cars, companies etc. should "automatically uploaded" from the corresponding state register, thus taking responsibility for incorrect data off the declarant. The draft amendments also suggested that much of the data that have to be declared, shall be provided only at the request of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption.

In addition, Donets' amendment envisages a number of other concessions for declarants in terms of financial commitments, received gifts, cash, etc.

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