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NABU opens more probes after checking e-declarations

The number of opened criminal proceedings hit 10.

NABU opens more probes after checking e-declarations

Based on the scrutiny of electronic declarations of incomes and assets, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) has launched investigations against two members of the Verkhovna Rada, one deputy head of the regional council and three judges, the agency said in a statement on 12 December.

This information has been posted on the unified register of Pre-trial investigations during 7 to 9 December period.

Two cases concern submission of false data into the e-declarations by people's deputies. Another case will investigate illegal enrichment by a deputy chairman of the regional council. Four other criminal proceedings have been brought against three judges on suspicion of illegal enrichment and provision of false information in electronic declarations.

"The number of criminal proceedings that NABU detectives have opened based on the analysis of electronic declarations has reached 10," the NABU said.

Earlier, General Prosecutor's Office said 53 documents regarding the violations exposed during the verification of electronic declarations of people's deputies have been given over to NABU.

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