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US Embassy notes progress in grasp of English in Ukraine

"I have observed significant shifts in the use of the English language over the past 12 years."

Over the past 12 years Ukrainians have become increasingly proficient in English, The press attaché of the US Embassy in Kyiv Geoffrey Anisman told a Gorshenin Institute roundtable conference, dedicated to the results of the English Language in Ukraine.

Anisman said it was his second tenure in Ukraine. When he returned to Kyiv after leaving in 2004, he was struck by the changes.

"I have seen significant changes in the use of the English language over the last 12 years. More people talk English in the streets, and they love practicing their English," he said.

Anisman also praised the role of GoCamp language camps, where Ukrainian students are taught by foreign volunteers, the national foreign language learning program Ukraine Speaking and the activities in the America House in Kyiv.

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