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Bild: US set to give Ukraine into Russian sphere of influence

According to Kissinger's plan, Russia must withdraw from Donbas in exchange for the West's turning blind eye on Crimea. Henry Kissinger

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger can mediate between Moscow and Washington, and develop a plan to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, says an article in the German Bild.

According to the newspaper, Kissinger spoke in support of "Russian domination of the former Soviet republics from Belarus and Ukraine down to Georgia and Kazakhstan." In addition, a plan should be worked out "for political and economic development of Ukraine."

The central idea of the Kissinger is that Russia "guarantees the security of Ukraine's east and gradually pulls out from there." In turn, the West closes the "Crimean issue". The occupation of Crimea is not officially recognized, but will cease to be a subject of US-Russian relations, the Bild's journalists say.

According to the article, the concept has already received the label of "constructive cooperation" and "normalization of relations", and direct negotiations are currently underway through the Russian ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak.

Along with Rex Tillerson, Henry Kissinger belongs to a few American politicians, who have regularly met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, despite the political crisis. There is evidence and that Donald Trump intends to lift sanctions against Russia "on the advice of Henry Kissinger," journalists underline.

in mid-November, the British Financial Times wrote the 93-year-old American politician Henry Kissinger, who held the post of Secretary of State under President Nixon, can be a mediator between the US and Russia.

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