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UK sees Budapest Memorandum as political non-binding document - envoy

Galibarenko during contacts with the British politicians reiterates that Ukrainian society is disappointed with "thwarted political guarantees".

London treats the Budapest Memorandum as a political rather than legally binding document, Ukraine's Ambassador to the United Kingdom Natalia Galibarenko said in an exclusive interview with on 9 January.

The ambassador says that during her contacts with British partners she repeatedly let them know that "the Ukrainian society is disappointed with the shattered political guarantees made in the Budapest Memorandum and feels that Ukraine has no security guarantees being forced to stay one on one with the aggressor."

This fact does not stand in the way of holding consultations stipulated by the Memorandum with all signatory countries.

"The main obstacle here is that Russia is ignoring all the proposals. As a signatory to the document Russia has brutally violated it and made it null and void. By the way, Russia did the same in relation to all the basic bilateral documents with Ukraine, including the treaty on friendship, cooperation and partnership," Galibarenko said.

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