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Ukraine-Russia trade drops by $30bn over three years

China was Ukraine's second largest trading partner in 2016.

 Ukraine-Russia trade drops by $30bn over three years
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Over the three years of the armed aggression of Russia against Ukraine, the volume of trade between the two countries fell by almost $ 30bn, or 78%. The data of the State Statistics Service on Ukraine's foreign trade in 2016 indicate that Russia still remains the main trading partner of Ukraine, although its share fell from 27.3% to 11.5%.

In 2013, the trade turnover between Ukraine and Russia was at about 38.3bn dollars, but in 2016 dived to 8.7bn dollars.

Over the past year the reduction amounted to 30%, or $ 3.6bn.

Top 10 largest trading partners of Ukraine in 2016 were:

  1. Russia - 8,740bn dollars (exports 3.6bn, imports - 5.1bn)
  1. China - 6.521bn dollars (exports - 1.8bn, imports - 4.7bn)
  1. Germany - 5.742bn dollars (exports - 1.4bn, imports - 4.3bn)
  1. Poland - 4.893bn dollars (exports - 2.2bn, imports - 2.7bn)
  1. Belarus - 3.681bn dollars (exports - 903mn, imports - 2.8bn)
  1. Italy - 3.288bn dollars (exports - 1.9bn, imports - 1.4bn)
  1. Turkey - 3.149bn dollars (exports - 2.0bn, imports - 1.1bn)
  1. India - 2.389bn dollars (exports - 1.9bn, import - 486mn)
  1. Egypt - 2.315bn dollars (exports - 2.3bn, import - 49mn)
  1. USA - 2.115bn dollars (exports - 426mn, imports - 1.7bn).

In general, the 2016 Ukrainian exports amounted to 36.36bn dollars (4.6%), import - 39.25bn (4.6%). The negative trade balance was at $ 2.89bn.

For comparison, last year exports amounted to 38.1bn dollars, and imports -. 37.5bn balance of trade was the first time in 11 years was positive and amounted to 632.5mn dollars.

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