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Postal operator set to raise tariffs by 50%

The increase will take effect after the registration with the Ministry of Justice.

Postal operator set to raise tariffs by 50%
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The National regulator in communications and information sphere (NCCIR), approved the draft decision of Ukrposhta, the national postal operator, to increase ceiling tariffs for sending postcards, letters, parcels and forwarding of registered items by 59.6% and sending parcels within the country by 22.0%.

The NCCIR website said the growth in tariffs will average 49.4%.

The regulator said the 10 February meeting of the tariff working group that included trade unions and employers, supported Ukrposhta's proposal to raise tariffs.

This decision will be submitted to the Ministry of Justice for registration in will take effect after official publication.

Earlier, Ukrposhta said it was going to raise tariffs for the delivery of print media by 53.8% for regional and by 65.5% for national publications.

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