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No decision on State Fiscal Service head after night in court

Protesters rally outside the court.

Kyiv's Solomyanskyy district court on 5 March did not decide on a measure of restraint for the suspended head of the State Fiscal Service, Roman Nasirov, who was brought to court from hospital. Nasirov's lawyer Oleksandr Lysak told an correspondent that his client had been taken from the hospital by force and was lying on a stretcher in the courtroom.

The defence attorneys claim Nasirov was diagnosed with hypertensive crisis.

At the same time, prosecutor Roman Symko said that according to a medical certificate Nasirov "can continue treatment on an outpatient basis, with the blood pressure has stabilized."

In response, lawyers say that prosecution misinterprets the results of medical examination, breaches medical confidentiality and commit "gross interference into the private life" of their client.

On the afternoon on Sunday, the court's spokesperson Yana Kvitchenko said the court was unable to rule on the measure of restraint for Nasirov, so the hearings are adjourned until Monday, 6 March.

The anticorruption prosecutors said they nevertheless intended to remain in court until the end of the day.

Meanwhile, political activists and some people's deputies continued the rally outside the court's building demanding the arrest of Nasirov.

Nasirov who is facing criminal charges of gross embezzlement was suspended from his duties on 3 March for the period of the criminal proceedings.

The National Anticorruption Bureau said the investigators believe that in 2015-16, Nasirov acted in the interests of MP Oleksandr Onyshchenko by allowing local SFS agencies to unlawfully reschedule tax debts due to be paid by three firms affiliated with Onyshchenko.

They say Roman Nasirov has inflicted 2bn hryvnyas in losses on the state.

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