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Rules on goods freight across contact line in Donbas come into force

The transfer of coal across the contact line shall be done by rail through designated control points.

Rules on goods freight across contact line in Donbas come into force
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The regulations on the movement of goods across the line of contact in the area of the antiterrorist operation (ATO) in Donbas became effective on 14 March. The procedure was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers on 1 March and was published in the official government newsletter (Uryadovyy Kuryer) on 4 March. It took effect 10 days after its publication.

According to the document, the movement of goods by individuals and business entities across the line of contact is carried out through specially designated places and may be limited by the decision of the local ATO head.

In particular, economic entities are prohibited from transferring goods to and from temporarily uncontrolled territory, with the exception of food products and medicines that are transported as part of humanitarian aid, as well as goods and commodities used in metallurgical, mining, dressing and energy-generating industries, critical infrastructure facilities according to the list and in volumes approved by the government.

A coordination centre and checkpoints will be established along the line of contact.

The control of goods crossing the line of contact is carried out by specially authorised units at entry/exit checkpoints on highways and the railway. The movement of goods outside these checkpoints is expressly prohibited.

To transport goods, a business entity must be included in the approved list.

When it comes to coal shipments, the Energy and Coal Ministry should inform the coordination centre about clearance for recipient energy-generating companies.

The document envisages a simplified procedure for the movement of humanitarian aid of international humanitarian organizations. The list of such humanitarian organizations is published on the official website of the Social Policy Ministry.

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