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Post Scriptum: Those who stand in the way

Do you remember why Putin's Russia desperately started "tightening the screws"? When did a red carpet for the dictatorship first appear?

You are right, it started with the adoption of the law on "foreign agents". These turned out to be nearly all public activists, many editorial offices, journalists and even the Memorial group.

What happened as a result? Pure monism. The monopoly of the Russian authorities on the truth.

Last week the Ukrainian parliament passed the law on e-declarations, which in particular applies to anticorruption NGO heads. Yes, their operations are often funded by our Western partners but nevertheless. MPs were unanimously happy to see the amendments passed. From the Petro Poroshenko Bloc to the Opposition Bloc. This attests to the extent to which public control stood in their way, or did not let them live, as Viktor Yanukovych would say.

The law was very quickly signed first by the speaker, then by the president. And this happened despite the fact that the president "expressed his concerns" at a meeting with activists the previous day, like it should be. However, he signed the law nevertheless. And the document entered into force.

Now that what is done is done, discussions are underway on how to neutralize its detrimental impact. However, they are being held post factum. In the ideal world, of course, everyone should file income statements in an absolutely clear and transparent manner.

However, Ukraine decided to start with officials immediately followed by public activists. Those who expose corruption in the most diligent and consistent manner.

As I see it, this is not just a fait accompli but also a sign of a looming snap election. To be more accurate, of preparing the tools for it. In fact, the question on "whether there is going to be a snap election" has always been and is one of the most topical issues on Ukrainian political agenda, which is raised literally the next day after a scheduled election.

This period is no exception. Whereas yesterday it was nothing but an empty talk, now we can clearly observe focused preparations.

The authorities have not taken a final decision on an election. The risks are too high. First of all, for the authorities. However, a range of tools helping the goal to be achieved is already being prepared.

A range of tools to neutralize, discriminate and counteract to the main enemies, that are representatives of the Ukrainian nation.

And we cannot turn a blind eye to this.

I guess you will agree that it was impossible to imagine anything like this in democratic Ukraine a year ago. Today it is almost a norm.

I think it should be given a thought.

Good night. And good luck!

Sonya KoshkinaSonya Koshkina, editor in chief
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