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Scuffles over red flags break out across Ukraine

They were caused by the presence of red flags in the crowd.

Scuffles broke out in Mykolayiv and Dnipro on 9 May during Victory Day celebrations.

In Mykolayiv, the situation became edgy when several Afghan war veterans attempted to lay flowers at the Eternal Flame under the red flag of the Soviet 40th army. This displeased patriotically-minded activists. Police had to intervene in a scuffle which broke out, according to Timer.

A scuffle in Dnipro was also caused by the presence of Soviet symbols. Antiterrorist operation veterans demanded that red flags be removed from the Glory Monument. They clashed with young heavies.

Police said that 14 persons were injured: eight participants in the event and six police officers, according to

Another scuffle happened several kilometres away, near the circus. According to witnesses, police found a group of young people suspicious for unknown reasons. They were detained.

By 13.00 Kyiv time, police have detained 45 persons in various locations across Ukraine. Over half of them are members of the so-called "OUN movement" who were engaged in hooligan acts during the Immortal Regiment event in Kyiv.

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