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Post Scriptum. Vengeance

 Do you remember the days of Maydan? Especially its last days. When we were standing in chilly weather on central squares across the country, dreaming of the future and justice. The majority of us associated the justice, above all, with adequate vengeance on representatives of Yanukovych's regime. Vengeance on those who killed. Those who stole on an industrial scale.

However, the majority of these people fled the country back in 2014. Mostly without any problems. Cash they were taking with them worked back then and continues to work now to the benefit of the Russian aggression – to split the country, sow death among our citizens and destabilize the economy.

Those who stayed bought their freedom. I think if we add together what they had paid, the sum will be times higher than those 1.5bn dollars of Yanukovych's entourage recently confiscated by court after all.

There is hardly any wonder: those who worked in prosecution in 2014 have bought Hyatt after retiring. Those who came after them are now trying to build on the territory of [Kyiv's historic Hay Market demolished on controversial grounds in 2006] Sinnyy.

Unfortunately, it seems that it is only now that the country's top leadership starts to understand that vengeance is not about simply settling scores, but is the question of preventing turning the tables.

A basis for the revanche is formed by uninvestigated deaths of the Heavenly Hundred [killed Maydan protesters], unsolved laundering and kickback schemes, and continuing traditions of political corruption. A basis for the revanche includes populists' lies streaming from the screens, double standards in backroom politics, and slowing-down reforms.

It seems to me it is time we give it a thought. Not only politicians but we, civil society.

Good night and good luck!

Sonya KoshkinaSonya Koshkina, editor in chief
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