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​Education minister talks to Sonya Koshkina

Watch Left Bank live at 20:00.

​Education minister talks to Sonya Koshkina

In the autumn of 2016, the ministry of education started the school year with the innovations for the first-graders. The minister Liliya Hrynevych advocated a completely new approach to learning, which eliminates coercion and develops a desire to learn. In general, the reform of education in Ukraine should completely change only after 10 years.

What has been achieved in a year, what is planned to be implemented in the next academic year, how university admissions campaign will unfold and what the children and parents should expect.

About these and many other things, the minister of education will talk today at 20:00, Kyiv time, on the talk show Left Bank with Sonya Koshkina on the Channel 24.

After the program, do not miss the traditional rubric "Postscript with Sonya Koshkina".

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