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EU Council extended ban on investment in Crimea

Sanctions have been extended until 23 June, 2018.

EU Council extended ban on investment in Crimea
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The Council of the European Union extended for another year the ban on investments in the Russia-annexed Crimea, RFE/RL's Ricard Jozwiak reported in his Twitter microblog on Monday, 19 June.

As previously reported, the EU Council on Foreign Affairs decided to extend the "Crimean" sanctions against Russia without discussion until 23 June, 2018. The sanctions ban the import of goods originating from Crimea or Sevastopol; investments in Crimea or Sevastopol; tourist services (in particular, European cruise ships do not have the right to enter the ports of the peninsula); the supply of certain goods and technologies to Crimea.

In the summer of 2014, the EU introduced trade and investment sanctions against the Crimea. The list of "banned trade" indicates more than 250 items, including seawater.

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