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Cyberpolice issue guidance on virus prevention

Computers need to be disconnected from the network.

Cyberpolice issue guidance on virus prevention
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The Department of Cyberpolice issued recommendations on combating the massive virus attack that Ukraine was subjected to on Tuesday, 27 June.

"In case of malfunctions in computer networks, immediately disconnect them from networks (both the Internet and the internal network). To prevent unauthorized interference, depending on the version of Windows, install patches from the official Microsoft resource. In addition, make sure that a properly functioning antivirus software is installed at all computers and uses the most current virus database. If necessary, install and update anti-virus software," says the post of the National Police spokesman Jaroslav Trakalo on Facebook.

To reduce the risk of infection, you should carefully treat all electronic correspondence. Do not download or open applications in letters that are sent from unknown addresses. If you receive a letter from a known address that causes suspicion about its content, contact the sender and ask to confirm the fact of sending the letter.

It is also advisable to make backup copies of all critical data.

According to preliminary information, computer networks were affected by the spread of ransomware that uses the recently discovered vulnerabilities of the Windows operating system, namely the SMB protocol, Trakalo added.

He said experts from the Department of Cyber Police and other specialized services immediately react to the appeals of attacked companies and organisations.

At around noon on 27 June Ukraine was subjected to a massive virus attack. Its victims were the networks of the Cabinet of Ministers, Ukrposhta, Boryspil airport, Ukrenergo, DTEK, many banks, media and TV channels, filling stations networks and many other companies.

The malware disables computers and extorts money.

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