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Ukraine's national debt reaches 76bn dollars

In July, it grew by 1.39 per cent, or by 1.05bn dollars.

The aggregate national (direct and guaranteed) debt of Ukraine increased by 1.39 per cent by the end of July, or by 1.05bn dollars, up to 76.06bn dollars.

The Finance Ministry said that the state and government-guaranteed debt at the end of July amounted to 1,971.15bn hryvnyas, or 76.06bn dollars, compared with 1,957.7bn hryvnyas, or 75.01bn dollars in June.

As of 31 July, the direct state debt was 1,659.69bn hryvnyas (64.04bn dollars), whereas a month earlier it was 1,650.94bn hryvnyas, or 63.26bn dollars.

July to June, the country's direct foreign debt grew by 0.19bn dollars up to 37.44bn dollars, while its direct domestic debt rose to 689.42bn hryvnyas, or 26.60 bn dollars.

As of 31 July, the government-guaranteed debt was 311.46bn hryvnyas, or 12.02bn dollars.

In May, Ukraine's national debt decreased by 11bn hryvnyas thanks the hryvnya grew against the US dollar.

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