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Ukraine's security supremo: Putin's statement "blackmail" of USA

Russia indicated readiness to arm terrorists, the NSDC secretary says.

Ukraine's security supremo: Putin's statement "blackmail" of USA
Photo: Photo: NSDC

The secretary of Ukraine's National Security and Defence Council (NSDC), Oleksandr Turchynov, has interpreted Russian President Vladimir Putin's statement on the inadmissibility of US arms supplies to Ukraine as evidence of Moscow's readiness to pointedly continue to finance and arm global terrorism.

"The Russian president allows himself to blackmail the United States and the international community by saying that Russian troops have allegedly left at the occupied territory of Donbas 'enough weapons' that could be spirited into any hot spot of the world 'sensitive to those who create problems'. That is, the United States," Turchynov said in a statement posted the NSDC website on Tuesday.

Turchynov said there were no military warehouses in the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions now occupied by the Russian Federation, "hence any military equipment, ammunition and weapons have been supplied to militants exclusively by the Russian Federation."

"The supplies of weapons and equipment that Putin threatens the USA with can only be Russian," Turchynov said.

In July, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Pentagon had developed a plan to provide weapons to Ukraine and was awaiting Trump's approval. Ukraine has long been trying to get the Javelin anti-tank missile systems to effectively combat Russian-made armoured vehicles.

In early August, the US Department of Defence sent a proposal to the White House for a new aid package worth 50m dollars, which provides for sending the Javelins to Ukraine.

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