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Flu season takes start in Ukraine

Kyiv Region sees the highest incidence, the lowest is in Odesa Region.

Flu season takes start in Ukraine
Photo: Photo: Max Trebukhov

Over 140 thousand Ukrainians, mostly children aged below 14, went down with influenza and acute respiratory infections in the third week of October, the Ministry of Health said in a release on Wednesday, 25 October.

The highest incidence rate was registered in Kyiv Region (659.9 per 100 thousand people), while Odesa with 152.1 per 100 thousand people incidence showed the lowest rate.

No lethal cases of influenza have been reported during the week.

"The season of incidence of influenza and acute respiratory infections began in October and will continue until May next year. Throughout this period the risk of infection will significantly increase," the statement reads.

The Ministry of Health has predicted a growth in the incidence of influenza during the epidemic season of up to 7 million people. During the 2017/2018 season, Ukraine is expected to be impacted by three strains of influenza: Hong Kong, Brisbane, and a new one - Michigan.

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