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Senior MP advises against cutting diplomatic ties with Russia

Parliament is likely to consider the bill on Donbas reintegration on 14 or 16 November.

Serhiy Pashynskyy, head of the parliamentary committee on national security and defence, has said that it does not make sense for Ukraine to sever diplomatic relations with Russia."This (an amendment on cutting diplomatic relations with Russia – must not be included. For this we need to revoke the law on the Cabinet of Ministers, possibly to set up some executive body under the Supreme Council. You know MPs mostly do not read laws, they read nothing at all. Do we have the constitution? Change the constitution and then we in parliament will sever diplomatic relations," he told

He said this decision should be taken with regard to national interests.

"At this stage, it does not make sense to cut diplomatic ties with Russia. In the law on deoccupation, we are offering a policy of legal return, diplomacy. We say that we are recovering the territories diplomatically and now we should cut diplomatic ties?" he said.

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