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MPs outlaw arms in parliament

The bill was supported 263 MPs.

MPs outlaw arms in parliament
Photo: Max Trebukhov

At its evening session on 20 March, parliament amended the law of Ukraine on the protection of public offices and officials by banning MPs from bringing arms to parliament.

The bill to this effect, No 8155, was supported by 263 MPs.

Under the bill, it is forbidden bring cold and small arms, explosives, ammunition and so on to parliament, the presidential administration, the Cabinet of Ministers and other offices under state protection. Only state security guards may wear arms there.

As reported earlier, MP Nadiya Savchenko reportedly brought several grenades and a pistol to parliament on 15 March. This happened after the Prosecutor-General's Office had accused her of plotting terrorist acts, including a massacre of MPs.

In October 2017, MPs Yuriy Levchenko and Semen Semenchenko threw smoke bombs in the session hall.

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