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Savchenko says terror plot was "political provocation"

She says she wanted the authorities to believe that a terrorist act is possible.

MP Nadiya Savchenko has said that she was not really plotting a terrorist act in parliament but preparing a "political provocation" and the "creation of surrealism" in response to alleged attempts to kill her by Bankova Street, a euphemism for the presidential election.

Savchenko said at a news conference that she wanted the authorities to realise that a terrorist act was a possibility, but in fact she did not plan this seriously. "Only the authorities which came to power on Maidan's blood can act like this – they do not care whether those who die are guilty or not. They needed blood to come to power... Not a single grenade would ever explode in parliament if at least one innocent soul were there," Savchenko said.

The MP said that some agents were tailing her and she deliberately began to invent "surrealism". "Object A was interested in registering and recording everything I do, so I started creating surrealism... talking about all possible and impossible operations," she said.

Savchenko also promised that she would certainly come to a meeting of the parliamentary regulatory committee, which will consider a motion to strip her of immunity from prosecution on 21 March. "Naturally, I will attend the committee meeting tomorrow. I'm not going anywhere." And today I came to tell you everything because tomorrow I will not have an opportunity, "she answered's question.

Since 14 March, Savchenko has been a suspect in the case of ex-negotiator Volodymyr Ruban suspected of arms smuggling from separatist-controlled territory and plotting a number of high-profile assassinations.

The Prosecutor-General's Office suspects her of direct involvement in the plotting of terrorist acts and a massacre of MPs.

On 15 March, Savchenko came to power allegedly carrying several grenades and a pistol in her purse.

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