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Parliament plans to cut number of committees, ministries

One bill was registered a year ago.

Parliament plans to cut number of committees, ministries
Photo: Max Levin

This plenary week MPs are planning to discuss bills on the ways of optimizing their work and distributing posts in parliamentary committees, speaker Andriy Parubiy has said.

In particular, it concerns the bill registered in March 2017 by Parubiy, Ihor Hryniv, Maksym Burbak, Oleh Lyashko and other MPs.

The bill suggests that parliament of a new convocation should not have more than 20 committees and the Cabinet of Ministers the same number of ministries.

Parliament will be able to form a new committee only if there is a new ministry or an existing one is reorganised. If a committee has at least two members, it cannot be disbanded.

Under the bill, the D'Hondt method should be used for allocating seats in parliamentary committees.

The parliament of the current convocation has 27 committees. Only four MPs are not on any committee.

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