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Poroshenko: Oligarchs in Ukraine not in for benefits

He sees no obstacles to challenging them while being an oligarch.

Poroshenko: Oligarchs in Ukraine not in for benefits
Photo: President's press service

Oligarchs in Ukraine should not expect any preferences, President Petro Poroshenko has said in an interview with the German magazine Focus, according to Ukrinform.

Asked whether it is difficult to challenge oligarchic groups in Ukraine while being an oligarch, Poroshenko said he saw no obstacles.

"Over the past four years, I have shown that none of the oligarchs can expect any preferences. It is the opposite: I'm being attacked by oligarchs whose mass media share fake news about me," he said.

Asked to finish the sentence "I love money because…", Poroshenko said that he "does not love money".

Asked to compare what it is like to be a politician and a businessman, he said that he had been doing "as much as he could in business and much more as a politician because the destiny of this great nation depends on this".

"If necessary, I will give up my life for this," he added.

Focus journalists were accompanying him on his working visit in Ukraine.

The interview and the field report were published in the 5 May edition of the magazine.


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