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Cyber security provider RMRF gets Ukraine Finance Partners’ support Corporate News

Ukraine Finance Partners has agreed to fund and advise RMRF, a leading edge provider of cyber security services based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Cyber security provider RMRF gets Ukraine Finance Partners’ support
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RMRF Services is pleased to announce the establishment of a strategic partnership between RMRF and Ukraine Finance Partners (UFP), Delaware, LLC.

UFP will fund and advise RMRF as it commercializes its unique technology and services to companies and organizations, both in Ukraine and internationally. The partnership allies the technical expertise of RMRF in digital forensics, security solutions implementation and IT-security infrastructure building and support, with the capital and business expertise of UFP. Ukraine is the global epicenter of cyber security threats. Ukraine is one of emerging markets in cybersecurity field with high growth potential. RMRF is partnered with and certified by top global vendors and its engineers have over 30 years of combined experience in the cyber security field.

Sergey Avetisyan, CEO of RMRF, stated “With the support and international presence of UFP, we see a great potential to market our services to businesses, both large and small, in Ukraine and globally”.

Rodolfo Amoresano, Co-Founder of UFP, said “Cyber security is a dynamic and evolving field. RMRF has the technical expertise to help businesses and organizations wherever they’re based or do business. We are excited to partner with this talented team of professionals”.

RMRF (, based in Kyiv, Ukraine, is a provider of leading-edge cyber security solutions specializing in digital forensics, penetration testing and security solutions integration. RMRF’s achievements include PetyaA ransomware attack early detection and damage neutralization at Kyiv police district department (2017), as well as ShadowThreat detection and its initial intrusion pattern description.

Ukraine Finance Partners (, based in New York, NY and Kyiv, Ukraine, is a US majority owned investment firm focused on sourcing harder to find, less publicized and asymmetric risk/reward opportunities.

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