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Activists clash with police in Odesa over park construction

Activists clash with police in Odesa over park construction

People protesting against the urban development of a park in Odesa have clashed with police. Three activists – the leader of the Odesa branch of the Avtomaydan movement, Vitaliy Ustymenko, the leader of the People's Front movement, Demyan Hanul, and Oleh Kozhuzhnyak – were detained.

The local news website 048 said that police attempted to detain Serhiy Varlamov, one of the leaders of the far-right National Corps in Odesa, but "after guys from the National Corps surrounded the police, Serhiy Varlamov was immediately released".

The protest under the slogan "We will not let them steal the park!" was held in the 411th Battery Park. The activists came to take down the fence which was installed around a future "dog training ground" because its foundation was solid enough to build a two-storeyed house.

Police attempted to dispel those who were trying to take down the fence. The Odesa regional office said tear gas was used against law enforcers.

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