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Gorshenin Institute to host online roundtable on economic crisis

What consequences will it have for Ukraine?

Gorshenin Institute to host online roundtable on economic crisis
Photo: Max Trebukhov

Gorshenin Institute will host an online roundtable discussion entitled "Economic crisis in Ukraine and the world. Basic scenarios and consequences" at noon on 31 March.

The event is organised by Gorshenin Institute with the support of the news portal.

Points for discussion:

1. The global economic crisis. Consequences for Ukraine.

2. The impact of quarantine on the spread of the coronavirus infection on the Ukrainian economy. Who will suffer the most?

3. A slump of energy prices: pros and cons for Ukraine.

4. What should Ukraine expect from the IMF?

5. NBU policy in the conditions of the crisis and the hryvnya exchange rate.

Participants in the roundtable:

- Oleg Ustenko, an adviser to the Ukrainian president, economist, member of the supervisory board at the Bleyzer Foundation;

- Dmytro Natalukha, Ukrainian MP (Servant of the People); head of the parliamentary committee on economic development;

- Mariya Repko, deputy executive director at the Economic Strategy Centre.

The discussion is moderated by Nataliya Klauning, director for communications at Gorshenin Institute.

The link to the live broadcast will be shared on the newsfeed. You can put questions to speakers in comments to the stream.

Any coverage of the event must mention Gorshenin Institute as its organiser.

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