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Regional coronavirus updates: Kyiv adds 47 cases

Statistics for Crimea are disturbing.

Regional coronavirus updates: Kyiv adds 47 cases

Seven new cases were confirmed in Kyiv, bringing the total number of Covid-19 coronavirus cases in the capital to 47.

Ternopil Region reported 11 new cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus, totaling 26, including one lethal case.

Two new cases were registered in Berdychiv and Malyn, Zhytomyr Region.

Three persons in Chernivtsi Region were confirmed to have receovered from coronavirus, according to regional governor Serhiy Osachuk. However, there were five new cases. The total number of infections in the region is 47, including one lethal case.

Three new cases were reported in Vinnytsya Region, in particular in Vinnytsya and Ladyzhyn.

Ivano-Frankivsk Region reported 11 new cases on 25 March. Among the new patients are a police officer and a priest.

There are 1,447 with acute respiratory diseases, including 1,039 with pneumonia, in hospitals in Russia-annexed Crimea, according to local health minister Igor Chemodanov, Krym.Realii reported. "For Crimea, it is a colossal figure," he said. Officially, there are seven coronavirus cases in Crimea.

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