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Scoop of the weekend: over 247,000 Ukrainians on vaccination waiting list

Scoop of the weekend: over 247,000 Ukrainians on vaccination waiting list


On the morning of 14 March, Ukraine registered 9,012 new Covid-19 cases and 145 fatalities. A day earlier, there were 13,276 new cases and 243 fatalities.

A total of 51,137 Ukrainians have already been vaccinated. There have been 247,556 people on the vaccination waiting list as of 13 March, the Health Ministry has said.

There are 1,615 Covid-19 patients in the Ukrainian army, according to the Medical Forces Command.


A Ukrainian serviceman sustained a gun wound near Pivdenne, the North Operational-Tactical Command has said.

On 13 March, the occupying troops committed 10 ceasefire violations in Donbas, including by firing with banned 82-mm mortars.

Servant of the People

The propresidential party Servant of the People will ask President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to seek re-eleciton, faction head Davyd Arakhamiya and party head Oleksandr Korniyenko have said at a briefing following the party congress.

Members of the party's Kyiv regional office dismissed Oleksandr Dubinskyy as their head and elected Andriy Motovylovets to the post. At the same time, Dubinskyy called an "emergency" conference of the Kyiv regional office's council to discuss "fraudulent schemes" used by the party's members by changing the party's statute.

Earlier, Dubinskyy, who was slapped with US sanctions and expelled from the party's parliamentary faction, joined its new managing body, the National Council of Communities.

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