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Zelenskyy: enemy has taken an operational pause

It’s the most challenging for the militaries in the southern direction.

Zelenskyy: enemy has taken an operational pause

The Ukrainian army, the border guards, the collective efforts of the police and special services have stopped the attacks of the Russian enemy. Using the conflict language it might be called an operational pause. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that in his address to the nation.

According to the president’s words, the most problematic situation is now in the south of the country. The Ukrainian army is fighting in the suburbs of Kherson. The enemy is pushing from the occupied Crimea trying to advance towards Melitopol.

“In Donbass our armed forces are acting perfectly. In the Kharkiv direction they are safely holding the city. 

In the north of the country the enemy forces are slowly moving in Chernihiv region but there are enough forces to hold them. The defense in the Zhytomyr region is reliably structured. The enemy landing in Gostomel is being blocked, the troops have been ordered to destroy it, the president said.

According to him, many Russian aircraft and armored vehicles have been destroyed. Doctors are helping those who have surrendered.

"We see that many Russians are shocked by what is happening. Some Russians are already calling on social media that they are against the war. We see it. But Russia's government is unlikely to see it. Because your social network today is the square of your capital. Speak up on Red Square or somewhere else on the streets of Moscow and St. Petersburg, not just on Instagram, Zelenskyy said.

He noted that he is keeping in touch with the leaders of partner countries and international organizations. Russia has already begun receiving the first sanctions from a large package of sanctions, the most powerful in world history.

"No one is going to be able to persuade or force Ukrainians to give up their freedom and independence to Ukraine. But it seems that the Russian government is trying to do this by destroying the potential of their own country. Everything that Russia has done since 2000 can now be burned alive in front of the whole world. We emphasize that Ukraine DID NOT choose the path of war. But Ukraine suggests returning to the path of peace, the president claimed.

He also called on Ukrainians to help the national defense.

"Join the ranks of the Armed Forces and territorial defense units. Any citizen with combat experience is going to be useful. It is up to you and all of us whether the enemy will be able to advance into the country. Help the volunteer community and the medical system, for example by donating blood. As for the politicians and community leaders - help people, ensure the normality of life in the territory communities as much as possible. Everyone should take care of their loved ones and take care of those neighbors or acquaintances who need it. It is the duty of journalists to defend Ukraine's democracy and freedom, the president concluded.

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