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Security Service of Ukraine urges no panic, issues safety guidance

Security Service of Ukraine urges no panic, issues safety guidance
Photo: MIA

The Security Service of Ukraine published the instructions regarding what to do while different kinds of shelling. The SSU informs about the plan of actions in case of different kinds of shelling on their Facebook page. 

“Keep calm. Follow the safety rules. Don’t panic.” - asks the agency.

 What to do during artillery shelling by volley fire systems? 

  • The racket can be easily noticed and reacted to, you might see the volley of jet installations. At night it’s a bright spark in the horizon, during daytime it’s smokey trails from the racket.
  • Organize constant observation, constantly keep an eye on the buildings which are next to you and might be used as a shelter. After the observer's signal there are a few seconds to hide.
  • Hide in the basement or in another deep room. Choose a place in a corner between load-bearing walls and not far from windows and doors to instantly leave the house in case of a projectile hit.
  • Don’t leave the shelter without waiting for at least 10 minutes after the shelling as the results of the shooting and adjustment of fire or change of position are usually clarified after a volley.

What should you do during shelling?

  • Don’t stay in the entrances of apartment buildings, at the staircases, under arches. It is also dangerous to hide in the basements of prefabricated houses, near vehicles, gas stations and under the walls of houses of light construction. Such objects are fragile and you may be trapped or injured
  • If artillery fire, mortar shelling, aerial bombing caught you on the way, immediately lie down on the ground, where there is a protrusion or at least in a small depression. Protection can be provided by concrete structures (except those that may collapse or catch fire), trenches, shallow underground wells, wide gutters and ditches;
  • Close your ears with your palms and open your mouth - it will save you from contusions and barotrauma
  • Don’t get to freeing the blockages yourself, wait for demining specialists and representatives of emergency rescue service.

What to do when firing small arms fire?

  • During shooting, it is best to hide in a protected room (for example, in the bathroom or the bath itself). When this is not possible, you should lie down covered with objects that can protect against debris and bullets.
  • If you are being shot in the open, it is better to fall to the ground and cover your head with your hands. Any protrusion will be an effective protection, even a sidewalk, a deepening in the ground or a ditch. A concrete rubbish bin or porch steps can be a shelter. Do not try to hide behind cars or kiosks, as they often become targets.
  • Wherever you are, the body should be in the safest position. Group, lie in the position of the embryo. Turn your feet toward the shooting, covering your head with your hands and opening your mouth so that an imminent explosion does not damage the eardrums. Wait until the shooting subsides and there are no shots for at least five minutes.
  • If your home is in an area of regular armed conflict, you need to strengthen the windows, for example with adhesive tape. This will help prevent breaking of glass. It is advisable to close the windows, for example, with sandbags or solid furniture. 
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