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Kyiv subway switched to «Cover mode», transportation is unavailable

People of Kyiv should stay at home in safe shelters

Kyiv subway switched to «Cover mode», transportation is unavailable. Mayor of Kyiv Vitalii Klychko informed at 10:25.

Photo: Макс Требухов

«Friends! Citizens! Please stay at home or at shelters for your safety! Don’t go outside. Only critical infrastructure companies’ staff may do this. Citizens may leave their home only if they need to enter the shelters. We are defending our city!» - he wrote in Telegram. 

Photo: Макс Требухов

There are no russian troops in the city, but sabotage groups spotted, Mayor said during his morning brief. Enemy tries to brake the Capital from several directions. russia attacked military base next to Beresteyska station. Attack was finished by full demolition of the enemy forces. 

Photo: Макс Требухов

Photo: Макс Требухов

We remind, everybody, who’s ready and can handle with arms may join to Territory defense Forces. Information you may find on the website Head of National Police of Ukraine command to all Heads of Police in all regions to give weapons to all police veterans. 

Ukrainians may come to hospitals to donate their blood to injured soldiers. 

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskii said, that it is important to keep working. Bank system of Ukraine has all sources. There are some limits implemented now, such as cash withdrawal - up to 100’000 UAH.

National Bank of Ukraine opened a special account for UA Army donations - you may support our Forces from abroad as well.

IBAN: UA843000010000000047330992708

Ministry of Internal Affairs published the Molotov’s cocktail recipe - please follow the link.

Police Chatbot for marks spotted on the roads, painted by enemy - link.

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