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"The darkness will fade. Dawn is close" The Minister of Defense Oleksiy Reznikov addresses Ukrainians once again

"Without us there will be no Europe".

The Minister of Defense Oleksiy Reznikov addressees Ukrainians once again.

"72 hours of resistance. Three days that changed our country and the world forever. Where are those who claimed to take over Kyiv in 2 hours? Where are they? I do not see them. I only hear them looking for excuses," - the statement said.

The minister wrote that instead he sees a heroic army, a victorious guard, fearless border guards, selfless rescuers, reliable police officers, tireless medical angels: "All of them who are doing their job. I see thousands and thousands of Citizens who took the weapon, joined the ranks of territorial defense and are fighting. For the future of their children and grandchildren. For those they love. For the memory of their ancestors. For their State."

"Everyone sees you, the whole world! There are still many trials ahead," Reznikov writes. "But we are not the only ones who believe in our victory now. Look around. There are many people who overcame their fears and dared to challenge Kreml. With every hour more and more people understand that nowhere in the Europe there is army like ours. Nowhere. And that without this army and our people, Europe will never be safe. Without us there will be no Europe. That is why the help that was impossible three days ago is coming now." The darkness will fade. Dawn is close". Let's stay strong! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes of Ukraine! "

The main events of this night:

- Russian shells hit the radioactive waste storage facility, but the storage facility stayed intact, there is no radiation leak;

- winged missiles hit Vasilkov, the BRSM oil depot is on fire;

- In Kharkiv, the Russian military blew up a gas pipeline.

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