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Kyiv hospitals are operating in wartime mode.

There is a need for rhesus-negative blood donors

Kyiv hospitals are operating in wartime mode.
Photo: EPA/UPG

Currently Kyiv hospitals are operating in wartime mode. They attend the patients who asked for emergency assistance on their own, as well as those who are brought by ambulances.

The Mayor of the city Vitaliy Klytschko said the following in his video message.

"Today, blood transfusion centers are equipped with blood components. What we need the most are the donors with negative rhesus factor. I am asking everyone who can join and become a donor. After curfew is you can donate blood for wounded at the address Petro Zaporozhets Street, 26 an Maksym Berlinskyi Street, 12 ", - the mayor noted.

Let us remind you there are no enemy troops in the capital, but there are saboteurs. Since the beginning of the Russian attack on the 24th of February, 9 civilians have been killed in Kyiv, including one child. Also 4 unidentified people died as well as 18 members of Territorial Defense Units. There are 106 wounded. 

The curfew lasts until 8 a.m. on the 28th of February. You can move around the city only in case of air attack alert, and you are only allowed to go to the shelter. Moving around using your own car is only allowed if you have a special pass. In all other cases it will be considered sabotage.

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