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“They came in hungry and unwashed,” Berdiansk residents describe Russian occupiers

As of now, Russians have left the Berdiansk city council buildings. 

“They came in hungry and unwashed,” Berdiansk residents describe Russian occupiers
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As of the morning of March 1 the Russian military has left the building of the Bediansk city council. However, they are still in the city. 

As one of the locals told, yesterday, more than 300 people gathered to protest in front of the city council. People have shouted at Russians that they should get out, yelled “Putin - huilo (Putin is a motherfucker!) and “Russian warship, go fuck yourself!”

In response, Russians promised to leave the city if there were even more protesters. “They told us: we need more people to come out, so we could tell our commander and leave the city,” a local man told 

When there were so many Berdiansk residents at the protest that they could no longer fit in the square, some occupiers got in the truck and left. At the same time, locals are sure that Russians are afraid to leave the city because our military will capture or kill them outside of it. 

Locals are saying that the invaders' morale is very low, they do not have enough food. 

“They entered the city because they were hungry and unwashed—the first thing they did: they captured the supermarket. Then our plane shot two missiles at them, and they hid in the city. While they were robbing the store, locals poured sugar in their gas tanks,” says the resident of Berdiansk. 

Right now, there are from 300 to 500 occupiers in the city. According to the locals, Russians were told to guard the facilities. “We asked them why they had not left yet. They said that they would guard 26 sites. The only question is who are they guarding them from?” ask the locals. 

As of yesterday morning, all administrative buildings in Berdiansk were invaded by Russians. Occupiers started taking people’s cell phones. One man was shot, and one was wounded. 

The city administration refused to cooperate with the occupiers. Some utilities are working. Public transportation has stopped. 

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