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Ukraine's General Staff: Russian troops only "brave" to loot, intimidate

Defenders of Ukraine continue defensive battles throughout the territory.

Ukraine's General Staff: Russian troops only "brave" to loot, intimidate

The Russian-Ukrainian war continues for the sixth day. The Ukrainian nation is resisting strongly, and the goal of the enemy was not achieved.

This was stated in the press service of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Russian occupiers have demonstrated to the world their cunning: rocket attacks, multiple rocket-propelled grenade launchers and air strikes show that they are incapable of fighting against the Ukrainian people, who are ready for total resistance. The “courage "of the occupiers is shown only in intimidating the civilian population and looting," the headquarters said.

At the same time, Ukrainian defenders in the Siverskyy region continue to fight defensive battles on the occupied frontiers, having the task of preventing the enemy from advancing in the directions of the settlements of Kipti and Nizhyn.

Part of the forces continues to defend Chernihiv, fires the enemy by all available means and prevents the enemy from wedging into the city limits.

In Slobozhanshchyna, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to conduct defensive battles on the occupied frontiers, inflict losses on the enemy in manpower and equipment, and capture prisoners.

In the Primorskyy direction, our defenders continue to conduct a defensive operation in a defined area of responsibility.

The Kyiv Defence Group continues to fight and hold certain areas of defense, and part of the forces is preparing to perform suddenly emerging tasks.

We will remind you that as a result of the rocket hit which Kyiv suffered from about an hour ago, 5 people died and 5 were wounded. According to the head of the Office of the President Andriy Yermak, Russia also launched a missile attack on the territory where the Babin Yar memorial complex is located.

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