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Kievans, who survived Babyn Yar as a child, turned to Putin

Old people are hiding in bomb shelters.

Kievans, who survived Babyn Yar as a child, turned to Putin

Kievans who saw the Second World War in early childhood and are now suffering from fascism, but now in today's Russia, recorded a video addressing Putin.

The video was recorded from the bomb shelter of the Jewish House in Kyiv. From there, residents of the capital called on Putin to leave Ukraine and leave our country alone. They recalled the tragedy of Babyn Yar, which took the lives of their families - a tragedy that was repeated in the days when a Russian missile hit the nature reserve and killed five people.

"My name is Romanova Valentina Yosypivna," said one of those present at the bomb shelter. - I was born in Ukraine. I met the war on the 22nd of June, 1941 under bombing in Kyiv. My relatives died in Babyn Yar. On the 24th of February, 2022, I met a war again in Kyiv under bombing and shelling. Putin, withdraw your troops and withdraw from Ukraine. We want peace! ”

"I am Oleg Yakovlevich who was born in 1940 in the city of Kyiv," the man said. - My relatives died in Babyn Yar in 1941. Now I'm sitting in a bomb shelter and I'm bombarded. Putin, get away from Kyiv and Ukraine. "

"I'm Tamara Alekseevna, born in 1939," says another woman. - Before the war she lived in Kyiv, she is a Kyivan. In 1941 the war began. All my relatives on my mother's side - Jews - were taken to Babyn Yar. They all died there. Today I also saw the war in Kyiv, but now it is another century, terrible… Putin, I wish you death! Leave us alone so that we don't see or hear you - who you are and what you are… ».

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