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Four Russian helicopters shot down in Mykolaiv Region

The helicopters were downed by Ukrainian marines.

Four Russian helicopters shot down in Mykolaiv Region

The Ukrainian military destroyed four Russian helicopters in Mykolayiv Region on 5 March, three of which were downed by one person, Ukrainian Navy Commander Rear Adm Oleksiy Neyizhpapa has said on Facebook.

" Our marines in Mykolayiv Region together with their brothers from the Operational Command South have just shot down four enemy helicopters. One of the marines downed three at once. It’s a real example of professionalism, courage and heroism! And this is another sure step to victory!" Neyizhpapa said.

The head of the Mykolyiv regional state administration, Vitaliy Kim, confirmed the reports about the downed helicopters.

Earlier today, the Ukrainian air defence downed a Russian Su-25 fighter jet which fired on Chernihiv.

On 4 March, the Ukrainian military destroyed two other Su-25 jets which pounded Chernihiv. One pilot was killed and another one was detained.

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