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Occupiers fired at civilians in Luhansk region

People went out to protest against the military who captured the village.

Occupiers fired at civilians in Luhansk region
Photo: Screenshot

In the Luhansk region, in the urban-type settlement Novopskov, the Russian occupiers fired at local residents. This was reported by referencing the head of the Luhansk regional military administration Serhiy Haidai.

"Novopskov. People tried to stop the Russians, those opened fire at the unarmed population. There are three victims, they all are in hospital. We are protecting ourselves from real beasts!" Gaidai wrote.

People protested against the Russian occupation. The military opened fire.

As a reminder, a rally against the Russian occupation was held today in the city of Bilokurakine in the Luhansk region. A crowd of civilians stood in front of the Russian military. Protesters called on the Russian occupiers to leave Ukraine.

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