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Kremlin plans provocations using forcibly mobilized residents of ORDLO

Provocations may take place in southern and eastern Ukraine

Kremlin plans provocations using forcibly mobilized residents of ORDLO
Photo: EPA/UPG

Russia is planning a provocation using forcibly mobilized residents of temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine (ORDLO). On March 5, an echelon with personnel of the 131st Rifle Regiment of the 1st Army Corps, which was mobilized in the Russian-occupied territory of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, was brought to the Crimea, according to the Facebook page of State Body Guard Service of Ukraine."In the nearest future, the Kremlin plans to use these people to carry out provocations in the southern regions of Ukraine. Although these units have extremely low motivation, as they were recruited from people who were forcibly mobilized in ORDLO, it is possible that the aggressor will use them as "cannon fodder," said the border guards.They can also be used for propaganda purposes, as the occupiers fail to break the spirit of the Ukrainian population.Soon Russia may carry out similar provocations with numerous victims in the eastern regions of Ukraine.“Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported that in the east of our country, the enemy throws hundreds of supporters of the "Russian order" into the battlefield. After providing first aid in case of injuries, they are immediately accompanied by armed regular troops of the Russian Armed Forces to the line of combat to be used as "cannon fodder" in further military operations. It is known that the personnel of the 6th separate motorized rifle regiment are frightened and demoralized, looking for ways to desert. Once again, we remind all representatives of the aggressor country who came to Ukraine: the best chance to survive is to surrender to the defenders of Ukraine!" said the State Border Guard Service.

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