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Zelenskyy addressed the residents of ORDLO to join the fight against the Russian occupiers

"Ukrainians! In all our cities. Where the enemy has come. Feel it. Start fighting back!"

Zelenskyy addressed the residents of ORDLO to join the fight against the Russian occupiers
Photo: EPA\UPG

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed citizens to resist the Russian occupiers in all cities of Ukraine.

He stated this in his video appeal.

"Ukrainians! In all our cities. Where the enemy has come, feel it. Start fighting back! We must go to the streetі! We must fight whenever we can, as they do in Kherson, in Berdyansk, in Melitopol and in Konotop. "We need to get out and drive this evil out of our cities, to avoid the creation of new" DNR "and" LNR, "where normal life is simply impossible. Only slavery. Only on your knees," - said Zelensky.

He addressed the residents of the territories of Donbas, occupied by Russia. The President spoke in Russian:

"Donbas! Remember how they said about you:" Nobody brought Donbas to its knees! And no one is allowed to do so! ". Everyone in Donetsk and Luhansk knows these words. They were repeated often... Before. What about now?

Donbas, now is the time! We appeal to all people in the temporarily occupied territories. To all who hear us. To those who do not have their memory erased by propaganda. To those who do not have their eyes closed by fear, and souls damaged by cynicism. Fight for your rights! Fight for your freedom. Fight together with Kherson. Together with Berdyansk. Fight together witKyivev and all other Ukrainian cities that value life and do not fear anything.

I know that many of you have believed that Ukraine hates you, that Ukraine will attack and destroy you. Liars on Russian television talk about it every day. This is their job. Their job is to lie every day. But it doesn't have to be your destiny.

Just compare - Donetsk after eight years of war and Kharkiv after eight days of the war. You were told that we were destroying cities. Look at Kharkiv. Look at Chernihiv. Look at the five-hundred-kilogram bombs that were dropped on the homes of Ukrainians. Look at Borodianka, at broken schools, at blown up kindergartens. Look at the destroyed Kharkiv Assumption Cathedral. Look at what Russia has done. It did it in front of you.

Defend yourself! Otherwise, it will take your lives. It will take your home.

Ukraine does not shoot at its own. We do not blow up houses. And everyone in Donbas has always been and will be our people, our citizens for us. In Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, Berdiansk, Melitopol, Konotop. In all our cities. In all cities of our state. In Ukraine. Glory to Ukraine!".

We should recall that today residents of the Ukrainian cities where the Russian army is breaking through, went to the streets to drive the occupiers out. Thus, in the center of Kherson, civilians organized a protest during which the invaders began to shoot in the air to intimidate people.

Residents of Bilokurakino in the Luhansk Region also took part in a protest against the Russian occupiers.

Earlier, in Russian-occupied Berdiansk, the citizens started a pro-Ukrainian protest. People shouted, "Death to the enemies!", "Putin is a d*ckh*ad!", "Russian ship, go f*ck yourself" and sang the anthem of Ukrainian in front of armed soldiers, enemy tanks, and other military equipment.

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