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KORD police destroy two Russian tanks with grenade launchers in the Kyiv region

The enemy's equipment has been burned.

KORD police destroy two Russian tanks with grenade launchers in the Kyiv region
Photo: Screenshot

In the Kyiv region, officers of the National Police from the Rapid Operational Response Unit destroyed two tanks of the Russian occupiers.

Video of the destroying of enemy equipment is posted on social media. It was also published by an adviser to the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Anton Gerashchenko.

It shows police officers with grenade launchers striking Russian tanks, resulting in the equipment catching fire. 

"A country where police shoot down enemy tanks with a grenade launcher is undefeated!" he wrote under the video.

As a reminder, the military invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine has been ongoing since morning on February 24. Russian troops are striking core military and civilian infrastructure, destroying airfields, military units, oil depots, gas stations, churches, schools, and hospitals.

The shelling of residential areas is carried out using artillery, multiple launch rocket system, and ballistic missiles. Columns of Russian armored vehicles are trying to surround Kyiv and several regional centers near the Russian border.

The Russians called the war in Ukraine "a special military operation" and, according to the Security Service of Ukraine, they expected it to take three days. During the full-scale invasion, the aggressor lost about 10,000 troops. At the same time, Russia still refuses to take away the bodies of its dead soldiers.

The Ministry of Defense has prepared instructions for Russians on how to surrender properly, as well as a guide for Ukrainians on how to take prisoners.

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