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If Putin is not afraid of meeting with Zelensky, let them sit and talk, – Kuleba

The minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine intends to pass this on to the President of the Russian Federation through Lavrov.

If Putin is not afraid of meeting with Zelensky, let them sit and talk, – Kuleba

Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is ready to meet with Vladimir Putin.

That was reported by the head of MFA while telethon, according to Censor.NET. 

"I will tell Lavrov this again. Our President is not afraid of anything. Including direct meetings with Putin. If Putin is not afraid as well, let them sit down and talk," he said.

Earlier, Kuleba informed that he expected to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Antalya, Turkey, on March 10.

Previously reported, Putin declared war on Ukraine under the guise of a "special operation in Donbas." The day before, Russia recognized the "DPR" and "LPR" terrorist organizations as "republics" and allowed the troops to enter there. On February 24, Russia began bombing and shelling Ukrainian cities and towns, destroying infrastructure, and killing civilians. Currently, Ukrainians continue to withstand the occupying forces. The Russian's main focus is on the besieging of Kyiv and the weakening of resistance close to the capital villages.

On February 25, Zelenskyy invited Putin to sit down at the negotiating table. He said this while addressing to the people.

Russian President Putin said that if Ukraine "continues to behave in the same way, it will challenge the future of its statehood." He also threatened countries that could respond to Ukraine's request to close the sky over it to Russian aircraft. He stated that Russia would consider any attempt by other countries to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine as part of hostilities.

Earlier, ZN.UA reported that Ukrainian intelligence agencies have information about Putin's plan to seize Kyiv and divide Ukraine into two parts: on the principle of West and East Germany or North and South Korea. In this case, the Russian Federation recognizes the legitimacy of the part that will sign these agreements and be loyal to the Russian Federation.

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