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The Pope calls Russian siege of Mariupol "barbaric"

Ukrainian flags fluttered in St. Peter's Square.

The Pope calls Russian siege of Mariupol "barbaric"
Photo: Vatican Radio

The head of the Vatican, Pope Francis made a statement in support of Ukraine, in his public speech on Sunday, on the anniversary of his election to the throne.

The European Truth was reported. 

He also called "barbaric" the actions of the Russian army during the siege and bombing of Mariupol.

"This week, the city named after the Virgin Mary - Mariupol - became a martyr city in a fierce war devastating Ukraine. There is no reason to justify the barbaric killing of children, innocent and unarmed civilians," - said Francis.

The pope also urged the aggressor to stop the attack on Ukraine.

"The only thing is to stop unacceptable armed aggression before it turns cities into cemeteries," - he said. 

Ukrainian flags flew on St. Peter's Square during the speech.

Speaking to the pilgrims, the Pope called for an "end to the bombing and shelling."

"With pain in my heart, I join my voice to the voice of ordinary people begging for the end of the war ...Let the real and decisive efforts be focused on the negotiations, and the humanitarian corridors are effective and secure. In the name of God, I ask you to stop this massacre!" - he said to the head of the aggressor state. 

The authorities sent a humanitarian cargo to Mariupol, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said.

Also, the commander of the tank company of the Azov Regiment destroyed three enemy T-72s and 1 Tiger armored vehicle in Mariupol.

The worst humanitarian catastrophe on Earth is taking place in besieged Mariupol, Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said.

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