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Vatican is Ready for "Any Kind of Mediation" in Negotiations with Russia

Pope Francis addressed the Russian Embassy, the Vatican Secretary of State had a conversation with Lavrov.

Vatican is Ready for "Any Kind of Mediation" in Negotiations with Russia

The Vatican is ready to do everything possible to end Russia's war against Ukraine. This was stated in an interview with Vatican News by Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin. He added that the Holy See is "ready for any kind of mediation."

The position of the Holy See is what the Pope has repeated several times: a resounding "no" to war; war is madness, it must be stopped. We appeal to everyone's moral conscience and ask to stop the fighting immediately. I see horrible images coming from Ukraine. ... We should have a heart of stone to remain impartial and allow this chaos to continue as blood and tears continue to flow. War is barbarism!" the cardinal noted.

He also recalled that Pope Francis visited the Russian Embassy the day after the Russian invasion of Ukraine to "express to the authorities in Moscow all his concerns about the escalation of the war and take a personal step by addressing the Russian diplomatic mission to the Holy See." Cardinal Parolin himself had a telephone conversation with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

"I asked (Sergei Lavrov - Ed.) to cease hostilities and find a solution to the conflict through negotiations. I insisted on respect for the civilian population and on humanitarian corridors," Parolin said.

He urged not to succumb to the logic of war and not to lose hope of restoring peace.

"We are caught in a whirlpool that can have countless and unfortunate consequences for everyone. When there is a conflict, when the number of defenseless victims is growing, it is always difficult to turn back.

Even if this is not impossible, when there is a real will to do so, it is difficult to negotiate with all our might, to follow every possible path to a solution, to be persistent in the implementation of peace initiatives. We must not succumb to the logic of violence and hatred. Nor should we succumb to the logic of war and accept it, extinguishing any glimmer of hope. We must all cry out to God and humanity to silence our weapons and restore peace, as the Pope does," the cardinal concluded.

It will be recalled that the accounts of Pope Francis paid for fuel for food trucks that left Lviv for Kyiv on 9 March.

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