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Vereshchuk: Only 9 of 14 declared humanitarian corridors worked

Currently, the most unfavorable situation is in Energodar and Mariupol.

Vereshchuk: Only 9 of 14 declared humanitarian corridors worked
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Only 9 of 14 declared humanitarian corridors agreed with Russia worked. Others were blocked by the occupier. In total, about 13 000 people were deported on March 12. Iryna Vereshchuk Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine announced during a briefing. 

So, about 8 thousand people managed to be taken out of the city of Sumy. 3,000 people in total left the cities of the region - Krasnopillya, Konotop, Lebedyn, Velyka Pisarivka. The situation in the city of Energodar (Zaporizhzhya) remains difficult.

"Energodar - unfortunately, the corridor did not work. A convoy of humanitarian cargo left, stopped at a checkpoint in Vasylivka, and the Russian occupiers did not let it pass, despite previous agreements. Now the convoy has stayed there to work and will go to its destination again in the morning," - Vereshchuk said.

At the same time, she asked responsible for transporting humanitarian convoys to distribute them faster and not leave them overnight.

"Humanitarian cargo arrived in Energodar yesterday, but according to the city administration, it was partially stolen by the Russian occupiers," - Vereshchuk said. 

At the same time, the situation remains difficult in the Kyiv region, where humanitarian corridors have not been organized everywhere. 

"Vorzel and Irpin did not work, but Bucha worked, we took out a thousand people. 600 Ukrainian citizens were taken out of Gostomel. The Kozarovichy did not work, there were shellings in Borodyanka today, and unfortunately, we could not reach the people. Tomorrow we will continue to try to do this. 1,264 people left the danger zone today in Nemishayevo" - Vereshchuk said. 

The Ukrainian side will plan evacuation routes in Luhansk and Kyiv regions on March 13. There will also be another attempt to get to Mariupol via Berdyansk. 

"It so happened that our convoy was at the checkpoint for a long time. It is more than 5 hours and could not get to Mariupol today. Tomorrow our people will be in Mariupol, and I think everything will be fine," - Vereshchuk said. 

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