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In one day enemy killed 4 people in Luhansk region, wounded 10, and damaged over 50 buildings

Among other buildings, Russians hit two hospitals.

In one day enemy killed 4 people in Luhansk region, wounded 10, and damaged over 50 buildings

In the last day, Russians killed four people in the Luhansk region, and ten people were wounded. Due to the heavy shelling of Severodonetsk, Rubizhne, Pryvillia, Kreminna, 54 buildings and infrastructure objects were damaged, the head of the Luhansk state military administration, Serhiy Haidai, reported on March 19. 

Among other things, Russians damaged 19 apartment buildings, 19 private homes, two hospitals, critical infrastructure objects, warehouses, and technical facilities. 

“Russians continue killing civilians. During yesterday’s shellings, four people were killed in Severodonetsk and Rubizhne. Ten more people were wounded. These “liberators” are liberating the Luhansk region from any form of life. However, a little bit more time and we will get them out of our homes and will get our peaceful life back,” Haidai emphasized. 

In the last day, the first responders put out 46 fires caused by the occupiers’ shellings. The first responders also continue to help after the shellings and dismantle the rubbles. They brought 48 tons of water for the civilians and food to the shelters. 

Twenty-three towns and villages in the Luhansk region are left entirely without gas supply; seven more have a partial gas supply. That is around 35 000 people. Thirty-eight towns and villages have no electricity - out of them, 26 completely without it and 12 more partially. This means that 103 409 people are left without electricity. The heating and water supply situation has not changed; the utility workers are doing everything possible to restore them. 

Yesterday Serhiy Haidai denied the enemy’s fake information that Russia has occupied the whole Luhansk region. The occupiers have partially captured Rubizhne and Popasna. Kreminna, part of Rubizhne, Severedonetsk, Lysychansk, part of Popasna, Hirske, Zolote are under Ukrainian control. 

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