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Ukraine has simplified food import requirements

Changes affect product labeling for faster import during martial law.

Ukraine has simplified food import requirements

Ukraine has simplified food import requirements, reports the Information Department of Verkhovna Rada, referring to the members of the Committee on Agrarian and Land Policy. 

"Ukraine's economy depends directly on the performance of the agro-industrial complex and success of sowing campaign in wartime. 2022 sowing campaign - is the most difficult of all the years of Ukrainian independence,” - the report goes.

However, measures to simplify certain procedures of state regulation are not of less importance in such difficult times.

“Government has already simplified requirements for labeling of imported foods for their faster import during martial law. It's about mitigation of number of requirements for market operators who import products to Ukraine,” - was mentioned in Parliament.

It's about the possibility for food suppliers not to provide product labeling in the official language.

“Instead, a consignment must be accompanied with information in the official language. Labeling of food and feed sent as humanitarian aid, is allowed in importers' language. Market operators, in case of closure of their facilities, may use the remainder of packaging and tare on other facilities, producing similar food and feed,” - Committee said.

Earlier government has banned export of buckwheat, sugar, salt, cattle, and meat from Ukraine. Restrictions were imposed on export of corn, wheat, oil, and some other types of goods.

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